$1.8 million for dairy technology, Coulton announces

2 August, 2018

Dairy farmers will soon be able to gather critical, timely data on the ovulation status of their cows, thanks to Federal Government funding of $1.8 million that has been awarded to Burren Junction-based company, Biotics Pty Ltd.

Member for the Parkes electorate, Mark Coulton, today announced the funding, which comes from the Coalition Government’s Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) Program.

“The CRC Program is the Federal Government’s key initiative supporting industry-research collaboration, and I’m pleased to announce funding for cutting edge technology that will benefit the Australian dairy industry,” Mr Coulton said.

“This grant will go towards the research and development phase for a milk sensor, designed to accurately determine cow ovulation information by analysing a cow’s milk.

“This is a positive project for the dairy industry and I’d like to congratulate Biotics Pty Ltd on its foresight.

“CRC Projects like this one support small and medium businesses to collaborate with research organisations and large entities. This assists them to grow and adapt in changing markets, which is crucial.”

Biotics co-founder, Rodney Slack-Smith, is a beef cattle producer based at Burren Junction, and has investigated artificial insemination technologies through pregnancy testing cattle of his own.

Mr Slack-Smith joined forces with John Ducat, now CEO, and together they commenced research and development for their project in collaboration with other partners. Mr Ducat has welcomed the funding.

“On behalf of Biotics Pty Ltd I’d like to thank the Federal Government and Member for Parkes Mark Coulton, for providing funding of $1.8 million for this important project,” Mr Ducat said.

“By applying our real time sensor technology, farmers will be well equipped to gather critical data on the ovulation status of their cows, providing maximum economic and productivity benefits.”

Media Contact: Anna Tickle – 0400 050 729

Additional Funding Details
Recipient: Biotics Pty Ltd, Burren Junction NSW
Industry Problem: Identifying precisely when a cow is receptive to artificial insemination is an ongoing issue. Methods currently used are not as accurate as they could be if indicators were measured in real-time.
Solution: The project will develop a milk sensor to accurately determine cow ovulation information so that artificial insemination can be targeted. This will significantly increase the success rates during the twice daily cow milking period.
Funding Amount: $1,829,000.
Funding Term: September 2018 – August 2021 (36 months).
Note: This funding is part of a wider project, with other project participants including government, and university and industry partners.

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