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$1.8 million for dairy technology, Coulton announces

2 August, 2018 Dairy farmers will soon be able to gather critical, timely data on the ovulation status of their cows, thanks to Federal Government funding of $1.8 million that has been awarded to Burren Junction-based company, Biotics Pty Ltd.

Change of company Name

Dec 6, 2017 To support the growth of the company, our members have voted on a company name change. As our technology has a broad range of applications, we have changed the name from Preg Tech Pty Ltd to Biotics Pty Ltd. This decision is more appropriate for the...

Farm On-Site Day

Nov 15, 2017 Biotics were on site at a local Sydney dairy to collect some vital milk samples. A good day out and some valuable samples collected of a range of cows in different stages of oestrus. These samples will enable fast tracked validation of our sensors.


Nov 14, 2017 The IDEAL HUB was announced in May 2016, and work commenced soon after on our projects, however the formal launch of the HUB was undertaken at UTS by the then Assistant Minister for Industry Hon. Craig Laundy MP on the 14th November 2017. Details on the...

Appointment of Chairman

Sep 26, 2017 Biotics is very pleased to announce that our new Chairman, Mr Nick Watts, has been appointed to the Board. Nick brings a wealth of experience to the team and has already made a positive impact on the development plan and direction of the company. For...

IDEAL HUB Grant Approved

May 6, 2016 Biotics are very pleased to announce the approval of the ARC Research Hub grant totalling $3.7m. Preg Tech are one of the 5 industry partners involved in this grant. ARC Research Hub for Integrated Device for End-user Analysis at Low-levels (IDEAL). This...

PregTech invited to AusBiotech Global Investment Event Series

Apr 23, 2016 Preg Tech has been invited to attend the 2016 AusBiotech Global Investment Event Series, with events taking place in Asia. Director Jack Ducat will be giving a Company Spotlight Presentation on the LuteiMate project to the attendees at the...

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