Biotics flagship project is in the development of a patented real time sensor for the detection of ovulation in dairy cows. This is an issue of major importance to farmers and one that is becoming increasingly difficult to manage.

The Dairy Problem:

Biotics Solution:

  • This project will increase pregnancy rates and reduce costs through the development of an accurate real time diagnostic assay called LuteiMate, leveraging licensed Ion Channel Switch (ICS) technology to detect progesterone in milk multiple times per day during milking.
  • Progesterone is a key lead indicator of ovulation and will enable farmers to significantly increase their herd pregnancy rates and derive much greater value from their milk production. Continuous monitoring of these hormones will provide farmers with Big Data, and the ability to make timely business decisions with confidence.
  • There are over 150 million dairy cows worldwide, including around 6 million dairy cows in ANZ alone.
  • If the oestrus detection and pregnancy rates could be increased to 90% and 50% respectively, for the same 100 cow dairy farm, up to 45 cows could be pregnant on the first round (suggesting a 250% improvement). 
  • Finding a cow truly on heat in Australia is worth AU $200, as published in the Dairy Australia’s incalf Team’s “Cows in Colour” booklet.
  • If you miss heats or submit cows not on heat you will have fewer A.I. calves and lose dollars” Source: “Cows in Colour” Booklet – In-Calf Team, Dairy Australia, November 2011 (Ref:–cows-in-colour.ashx )

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