Apr 23, 2016

Preg Tech has been invited to attend the 2016 AusBiotech Global Investment Event Series, with events taking place in Asia. Director Jack Ducat will be giving a Company Spotlight Presentation on the LuteiMate project to the attendees at the conferenceThis event will connect life science investors with biotech and medtech innovators from across the globe to discuss investment and partnership opportunities.

Events in the series include:

Singapore Biotech Invest, Singapore Exchange
3 May 2016

Asia Biotech Invest, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
5 – 6 May 2016

Preg Tech will be attending both the Singapore and Hong Kong Events. Please take this opportunity to come and meet Jack Ducat and Michael Kleinig and discuss our exciting project. Details on these events and program can be found at http://ausbiotechinvestment.com.au/

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